Writing such a personal memoir wasn't so I can tell my business to the world. I truly believe we must share our experiences so others can learn from them. I also believe there are many people who need to know they are not alone in their circumstances. The concept of single parenting, co-parenting, and mixed families is not new. However, my vision is for co-parents to work harder at a peaceful co-existence. I pray that kids understand they are not at fault, and it is not their responsibility to fight for the attention of either parent.


    My son was usually the inspiration for much of what I did over the past 25 years. This book was no exception. Being a single mother, I experienced a lot, but I always tell people that my son experienced more. He went through his own losses, but also experienced some of mine, and if I'm to be honest, some of his father's. That is a lot for anyone to endure, especially if you're a kid. It was very difficult for me to see the negative impact it was having on him, and to watch how he responded to all the mayhem around him.


    It took 3, maybe 4 years for me to actually publish. I would start writing, then life would happen. I would start writing again, then life would happen. That went on for a while. Then I remember at the end of 2012, I made a declaration to myself not to allow any more distractions to prohibit the release of this book. I knew I was procrastinating because life will always happen as long as I was alive. I also knew someone needed to hear my story. At that moment, I got serious and 4 months later, I was officially a published author!


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