Producing The Results I Want

An Entrepreneur's Journey to Freedom, Flexibility, & Finances

Dear Entrepreneur, God put it on my heart to offer emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs an opportunity to empower the masses by telling their story in the form of an anthology. If you are not already an author, being apart of this anthology will automatically qualify you. Your story will give other aspiring entrepreneurs a birds-eye view in to the life of other entrepreneurs who have already been where they currently are. These collective stories will serve as mentorship of sorts for those who may feel discouraged or stuck regarding “The Process”, and what it really takes to produce the results they want. This anthology would also give you the opportunity to become a published author or to have another piece of literary work under your belt. It will showcase you as an entrepreneur, an expert in your industry, and as the hard working, dedicated individual you are; because let’s face it – people may have an idea, but no one really knows what you’ve gone through to get where you are unless you tell them. So please understand, committing to a project like this will only catapult your career to the next level.


Increasing your level of Influence | Becoming a Best Selling Author | Being known as the Expert in Your Industry | Increasing Your Visibility | Having a Product to Market | Another Income Stream




    Terryl Ebony - Speaker, Purpose Producer for Leaders & Entrepreneurs, Author, Community Advocate, CEO of Find Your Purpose (FYP), and the Visionary behind “Producing The Results You Want. I am known to the public as “The Producer”, because I teach and guide next level mindset leaders and C-Suite professionals to produce the results they want.


    I am looking for 10 - 15 co-authors to join me in spreading the good news on how they got to where they are today. It's not about being a 6 or 7 figure income earner. It's about being bold and faithful enough to bring an idea to fruition. It's about sharing the highs and lows of your current entrepreneurial journey.


    The official book launch will be held at the SHIFT Next Level Xperience, in Atlanta, GA – August 2020. The anthology process will consist of tight deadlines to ensure a successful launch. If you know realistically you won’t be able to commit to the deadlines, this may not be the right opportunity for you. Please review the details and deadlines carefully before making a decision.

Our Investment To The Anthology

  • Editing & Publishing – secure a professional editor and publisher to ensure all content is grammatically and legally sound. Please note, a proof will be sent to each author after editing is complete to review and return as a final approval before print.

  • Launch promotion – utilize all outlets at FYP’s disposal for book promotional launch, including but not limited to social media ads, live streaming, interviews, etc. FYP will also provide all promotional graphics (individually and collectively). Please note that every author will be expected to help promote the book as well.

  • (2) Social Media LIVE interviews – I have an extensive following on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope. We will use that to promote each author collectively and separately, giving the readers an opportunity to get to learn a bit more about you and your story.

  • Amazon Best Seller – FYP along with all authors will be responsible for taking the anthology to the top of the Amazon’s Best Seller’s List. However, FYP will gather all the information and provide detailed instruction to ensure the success of taking the book to #1.

  • SHIFT Next Level Xperience - (2) Complimentary Tickets to a one of a kind transformational Inaugural live event - held in Atlanta, GA - September 2020.

  • (5) Complimentary Books – Everyone will receive their complimentary books at launch event, unless otherwise directed to ship elsewhere, at which author will incur the shipping charge.

  • Graphics – You will receive collective and personalized graphics to promote the anthology. The collective graphics are specifically for collective book launch. The personalized graphics is so that you can go on, outside of the group, and promote the book, build your platform, and make individual sales. The personalized graphics will include a promo flyer, bookmark, retractable banner, and a social media cover photo. (printing not included)

  • Coaching - I will support you through the writing process in a private Facebook group. I will also provide continuous updates on how things are going, deadline reminders, answer questions, provide tips, etc. I will also provide a Zoom link once a week, as a place where we can physically see and verbally speak to one another to discuss any issues, roadblocks, funny stories, etc.

  • SHIFT Membership - Full Access to all SHIFT member activities throughout the duration and up to one month post anthology launch. This includes but is not limited to: Motivational and Tutorial Videos on Personal, Leadership, & Business Development, Virtual Q & A's, Expert Guest Speakers, Discounts on other FYP Products & Services, and Opportunities to Network.

  • Open Communication – So things remain organized, all general information will be placed in the course files. All personalized information (including manuscripts, personalize graphics, bios, etc) will be placed within Google Drive where everyone will have access to his or her own folder. All personalized communications can be filtered through there as well. I will hold an information session on how to use Google Drive for those that may not be familiar.

Your Investment

Including Dates & Details

  • Financial Investment - A one-time payment of $999, or (11) monthly payments of $99. Automatic monthly payments will be charged to your account every 30 days from inception. First payment is due prior to August 15th.

  • Completed Manuscript - Submit your completed chapter w/ title on or before April 30th, 2020 (a minimum of 2500 words to a maximum of 3500 words)

  • A Professional headshot photo and Bio – This is information is due on or before December 31, 2019. FYI - Your photo will be placed on the back cover of the book, along with on all promotional graphics. If there are in foreseen issues gathering these items, notify the FYP team ASAP.

  • Promote - Encourage your friends and family to attend the book signing to support you on your big day. You also want to plan additional individualized book signings and events to promote and celebrate you as an author, an entrepreneur, and an expert in your industry.

  • Print – All additional copies of “Producing The Results I Want” (outside of the 5 complimentary) will be the responsibility of each author to order, pay for, and have shipped

Book Purchases

This information remains tentative based on publishing information.

Each author is responsible for purchasing their own books to sell. The author's purchase price will be a maximum cost $7/per book (but hopefully less). The exact cost is unknown until the book size, texture, and page count has been determined. However, even at $7, your profit margins will double. Example: if you purchase 50 books @ $7/ea., that's $350. The sale price will be around $19.99, which means if you sell all 50 books you will make $999 with a $649 profit. ***However please note, when we go for Amazon best seller, we will sell the book for a lower price point to get everyone to purchase and that revenue will be split between all the authors, once funding is received from Amazon. After that, everyone will be encouraged to promote the book on their individual platforms, so they can receive 100% of their profits.

Become A Best Selling Author

Monthly plan includes a finance charge