A Spirit-Led Educational Platform for Christian Leaders & Entrepreneurs

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    We aim to usher those whom God has ordained to be Leaders, Managers, Elected Officials, Entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Executives to become V.I.P (Visible, Influential, & Profitable) omnipresent, so they can fulfill their purpose.


    We use a scripture-based coaching and consulting approach to relate God's intent for leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship, so our clients can produce their desired results while remaining obedient and intentional to His plan.


    We provide strategic roadM.A.P.S. (Mindset, Accountability, Productivity, & Support) in an individual or group coaching setting for clients to learn how to build their brand. There are also a few services that we will manage on behalf of our clients.


    We service Christians who are ready to step out from behind the shadows; those who want to increase their brand, their following, and their profits. We service those individuals who have answered the call of God to be the head and not the tail - Deuteronomy 28:13


    Our primary focus is to capture and showcase each client and their brand as God has intended. We take pride in creating mutual relationships between the media and our clients so they are always boldly and authentically OmniPresent in a V.I.P. (Visible | Influential | Profitable) atmosphere.


    Renewed Faith | Increased Profits | Media Exposure | Paid Speaking Engagements | Restored Image Reputation | Clarity On Target Market |Better Content Development & Message Delivery | Next Level Networking & Collaboration Opportunities| Heightened Self- Awareness & Confidence


Consultations & Assessments | Staff Trainings | Social Media Management | Automation | Branding

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Meet The Purpose Producer, Terryl Ebony

Founder of The Purpose Producer Institute

Terryl Ebony is a Faith-based, Life & Business Strategist for Leaders & Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, and Community Advocates/Activists. Terryl Ebony became affectionately known as “The Purpose Producer” because of the level of purpose and intent she puts into helping her clients produce the results they want. Terryl teaches, speaks, and develops strategies surrounding spiritual, personal, business, and leadership development for those who want to experience the fulfillment of purpose and prosperity throughout their lives. When she isn’t working, Terryl enjoys singing, dancing, listening to music, and spending time family and friends. She is also a respected community advocate, who believes in doing her part to create equality, justice, and economic empowerment for struggling families. Terryl uses a lot of her time to connect with God to ensure her actions are in alignment with His will. It took her some time to get to this point, but she is in a happy space of Freedom, Flexibility, & Finance.
Meet The Purpose Producer, Terryl Ebony


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